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    • Pay Me to Breed Your Son!!
    • Bradford's parents have paid almost $18,000.00 to the owner of the halfway house to enable their only son to avoid prison time. There were also payoffs to the sheriff, a deputy, a judge and a judge's clerk, totalling over $12,000.00. That's a whole lot of money to pay for your own son to be raped repeatedly by the owner of the house and his buddies. everyone looks the other way and Brad knows if he says a word, it is back to jail and a very long prison stretch. All of this because he had six beers and drove a little buzzed. It wasn't until the owner started squirting lube on his dick that the kid believed all the horror stories he had heard about this hellholle. Fuck that boy again, buddy!!!!
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    Posted: by snorren (2018-07-13 09:28)
    Very hot fucking and especially the deepthroating on the bed with Drake lying on his back taking that magnificent cock down his throat!
    Posted: by luzio (2018-07-11 22:41)
    Loved watching Drake Tyler being forced to deep throat cock & to strip naked & crawl to be fucked deep & hard.

    After all, he did violate the Boys Halfway House curfew. (I think if I had been in Drake's situation my cock would have been hard throughout the experience.)

    This is BHH Incident 179 from May 2018.

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