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    • What happens at Coach J.'s
    • All the boys on the team loved going over to Coach Jordan's. He was a single guy not much older than we were and the guys were always welcome there. There would be guys there every Saturday doing fun stuff. Often the team doctor was there - he loved wrestling a lot. He'd sneak us beer and liquor and even some pills from time to time. Coach knew about but he just looked the other way and swore he'd never tell about anything "he didn't see". We always did fun stuff and Coach J. said his place would always be a safe place to play. He said what we were doing wasn't gay - just growing boys letting off some horny steam. He swore he'd never, ever tell a soul what happened there. He promised!!!! he used to tell us that any of us could be a senator or a congressman or even a president...if we knew how to keep our mouths shut and our eyes on the prize!
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    Posted: by jpbowie (2018-07-11 21:35)
    Cute guys.

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