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    • Loving Brent Corrigan + JJ Knight
    • Brent Corrigan and JJ Knight get passionate with each other
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    Posted: by matt2096 (2019-01-30 22:28)
    JJ made a huge mistake ughhh!
    Posted: by matt2096 (2018-08-10 06:46)
    And it's more than just sex... I don't know their relationship.. but perhaps they could have spent more time getting to know each other in a more real way. But whatever, I'm ranting. Let me enjoy the video and dream on what could have been.
    Posted: by matt2096 (2018-08-10 06:43)
    Ughh.. Just to think that JJ was so close to having what is shown in this film be the rest of his life with Brent. They were engaged. Now JJ and Brent split all for the sake of JJ wanting to "make a new life for himself". But that's what happens when you make your relationship a market brand on social media, instead of having intimate meaningful moments like these more often, besides doing it for the camera.
    Posted: by willyboy6126 (2018-05-31 17:28)
    Brent & JJ were such a HOT & loving couple together...a shame they broke up after they were engaged to be married. So hard to have a relationship in the best of times, but must be even tougher when both have careers in porn XXX

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