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    • Shaved & Humiliated
    • To a young man, the development of pubic hair is a sign of his manhood. Guys with dark, thick pubes are very proud of those and consider signs of their manhood and virlity. One of the best ways to punish a lad is to strip him of his new signs of manhood and to shave him so that he is again looking like a little boy. It is humiliating to a lad, but fun to watch for us!!! This lad was caught with the daughter of a mayor in a small southern town and this was executed on the mayor's orders. The lad had asked the young girl out on a date, then he parked on a dark road and tried to fuck her. She excaped, but arrived home crying and without her panties. Her father decided the lad deserved this and the lad was informed that if this type of thing ever happens again, the razor will remove his balls along with the pubes.
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