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    • Surprise For My Family
    • Okay, I've given a lot of money and support to my frat over the years. I contributed heavily when they needed a new house and I've contributed God knows how much booze through the years for their parties (I own a liquor distributorship). They owe me. So, when my own stepson pledged my frat, I thought I deserved a favvor. I knew the pledges had to do anything they were told, so I showed up at the frat without my son's knowledge and arranged not only to be one of the first cocks my kid sucked, but to also get it on video. This will be quite a shock to the kid, his worthless father and the kid's mother whom I learned is still fucking the kid's dad on the downlow. I'll be throwing her ass to the curb very soon and if she tries to go after my money, this video will be all over the fucking internet. No hard feelings, just hard dicks. Oh, by the way, although the kid is worthless, he's not a bad cocksucker.
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