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    • Str8 aussie Johnny 3: The Dilemna
    • Johnny is a str8 construction worker who has always prided himself on his masculinity. A mere two years ago, he'd have beat the bloody h e l l out of anyone who accused him of doing anything gay. Then he met a orn producer who paid him handsomely for just stripping naked and jacking his meaty cock. In his second video, a very reluctant Johnny let the producer fondle his cock and jack him off. In the third video, he actually let the guy pug his meaty cock in his mouth and suck out a hot load of sweet mancream. Johnny swore that was it for him and he could never go any further with another guy. Then construction work got scarce and money got tight. He contacted the producer again who agreed to pay well if Johnny would be willing to get naked with another guy and suck a dick. Reluctantly, Johnny agreed to the terms. Funds continue to be tight for the lad and he has an offer on the table. Give up his cherry to another man and get paid twice what he has made in the past. It is a tempting offer, but Johnny isn't sure he can handle the humiliation of taking another man's hard dick in his virgin hole. Watch and enjoy.
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