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    • Extreme Meassures
    • My son has been acting out quite a bit in recent months. As his behavior escalated, I spoke to a good friend who has a graduate degree in behavioral science. He told me that to curb the boy's tendencies toward antisocial behavior might be requiored and instructed me in those measures. One evening when he came home, I immediately made him strip. This video is a document of what happened in our house during the course of that evening. I have advised my son that if I have one more bitr of trouble from him, I will show this video to his girlfriend, her family and all of his friends and coworkers at the supermarket where he works at a part-time job. I also bought a cock cage and showed it to him, advising him that I will lock him up for 30 days upon his next infraction. I think I scared the shit out of him, especially when I told him if he continued down this path, I knew a doctor who would remove his nuts. I hope so.
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