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    • A Memory of Viet Nam
    • This video takes me back to my days in Viet Nam. Those days were no picnic, but there were some great things if you were in a relatively safe place like Saigon. While I was there, my buddy and I had a decent apartment and we had a houseboy who looked a lot like that kid. He kept our apartment immaculate, kept our clothes clean, cooked good food and serviced us iin any way we wanted. If we got tire of his ass or mouth, he would provide us with pussy for like a dollar a day. He was a sweet little fuck with one of the tightest asses I ever encountered. Ah...good times.
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    Posted: by hairyarmpit (2018-03-13 17:02)
    Black boys like this with huge girth and length like some pretty Asian boy with tight small ass to make them orgasmic. Both dudes enjoyed this

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