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    Posted: by rubenparana (2017-09-15 05:44)
    Same history. Same scenes. Rubhim is monotony. Again and again and again
    Posted: by Deeepgloat (2017-09-13 14:14)
    This video could've done with some judicious editing. We don't need to see the feet of the cameraman (it takes the viewer out of the fantasy), and we especially don't need to see the models struggling to cum. Nevertheless, it's nice to finally see a big dicked masseur getting fucked (and staying hard!) in one of these Rub Him videos. They need to get rid of that leathery old handbag Tyler Saint (who would never deign to allow a client's dick in his pristine asshole) and use this guy from now on.
    Replied: by tpabuddy (2017-09-13 15:22)
    I LOL'ed at your 'leathery old handbag' comment. There are a few episodes where Tyler has been fucked but they can be hard (no pun intended) to find on here.
    Replied: by Deeepgloat (2017-09-15 17:44)
    Tyler is hot, and he has even been barebacked on camera before (Google it, it's easy to find). But Rubenparana is correct--Rub Him has gotten way too predictable and monotonous. Tyler is always the top--ALWAYS. Borrrring. It's about time that they switched it up. Now they just need to work on the editing and videography.
    Replied: by Deeepgloat (2017-09-15 17:54)
    Aaaand fuck, I just noticed that the production date is 2011… six years ago. So for all that I know, that hot bottom is no longer even in porn, much less working as a model with Rub Him.

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