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    • wrestling hard on
    • wrestling hard on
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    Posted: by (2014-04-19 04:53)
    A lot depends upon the angle of a guy's hard on. Those of you with belly huggers would be in real trouble. Turn sideways and the whole world would know that you had a boner. Probably even true of you horizontal guys, although a lot would depend upon the length of your cock when hard. Those of us who hang down even when hard could at least aim ours down our leg. How we dealt with the situation would depend a lot on where we were putting on the show. Msg me to compare notes on our exp.
    Posted: by (2014-01-16 04:05)
    Nice bulge even tho not really a hard on.
    Posted: by (2012-12-30 19:54)
    Not a hardon but the bulge looks hot anyway :-)
    Posted: by (2012-08-16 18:51)
    It is a hardon at the end of this clip but not at the beginning. I was on the wrestling team in high school, and there were 2 guys on my team that got me hard all the time. Ended up doing a lot of frot with him away from school - lots of semen in our pants and a couple of times naked.
    Posted: by (2012-07-10 10:52)
    don't think you know what a hardon is!!! either that or it is a very small one LOL
    Posted: by (2011-08-24 08:08)
    i'm sure the Coach was saying from the side line: "OH SHIT - lose the hard on Billy or Hollywood High will lose the match....
    Posted: by (2010-02-09 05:06)
    always got a boner when i wrestled, would rub it in there face won 99% of the time and got it bite 1 time.
    Posted: by (2009-05-20 20:08)
    I'd hardly call that a hardon. It's just standard wrestling bulge, but at least he gropes it a lot.
    Posted: by (2008-09-29 06:30)
    wow i love it very hot
    Posted: by (2007-08-03 07:27)
    oh sportsman and cock i love it

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