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    • SH-Billy Pt.4
    • Billy is determined to remain stoic and strong, but we want to see this straight cunt squirm and moan. We target the most sensitive parts of his anatomy to fully break him. After icing Billy's nipples they are firm, perky and ready to be pegged. His nut sack is tied so his plums look fulsome and tight. His silky foreskin is pegged to display his cock head. Electric shocks are delivered to his most tender parts. That gets the waterworks going. While tears drip down his burning cheeks, Adrian fucks him with a vibrator. It's hard work teaching this snivelling hetero how to submit and we want to hear and feel how thankful he is by making him suck and worship our cocks. Now that we've warmed his body up we cool him down by dowsing him in ice water. We tie a rope around his neck, weigh it down and leave him so that with gagging breath he begs for us to return.
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    Posted: by Cohogene (2013-05-25 15:11)
    Billy is Tough! Bravo!
    Posted: by stephsteph (2012-09-02 01:28)
    straight hell is the best!!
    Posted: by Cohogene (2012-03-29 16:50)
    Billy has a lot of stamina!
    Posted: by Cohogene (2012-01-03 18:44)

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