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    • Brent 2
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    Posted: by Benj1sh (2013-11-01 15:54)
    Good fuck love the facial expressions
    Posted: by gmh2012 (2013-10-27 02:04)
    Brent is a cutie and I can see why he was hot for Chases cock.Chase is one hot fucker and they are great together
    Posted: by Surfer13498 (2010-11-22 03:51)
    This is making love, not sex. Awwww
    Posted: by theQzone29 (2009-08-06 15:21)
    as to all the responses to this video even tho i'm a long time in writing this, but, chase mackenzie (top) at this point in time WAS brent everetts current boyfriend. they were actually dating at the time that this video was shot. they are now currently not dating any more, they broke up shortly after this film was released. now i dont know why but they made an absolute perfect couple on screen if not also off screen. too bad they are not together anymore. personally i'd choose chase over brent cuz i'm more attracted to red heads, but i also think that little brent is a hottie too and wouldn't throw him out on the street either.
    Posted: by riv69 (2009-05-29 14:54)
    That bastard got to fuck BRENT bareback!!!! Does he have any clue as to how fucking lucky he is. And yet he did it like such a prick! Gimme half a chance and I would fuck the daylights of Brent - the way he DESERVES to be fucked!
    Posted: by phoenixtian (2008-03-27 16:05)
    u could say that again. lucky bastard
    Posted: by edfe1972 (2008-03-22 13:08)
    he was a lucky man to fuck brent everett
    Posted: by janster (2007-10-12 20:49)
    I fucking Love Brent everrett

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