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    • Heat. It's all about the heat in award-winning director John Rutherford's latest release for the legendary COLT Studio MUSCLE UP!. The desert heat of the location. The heat created by muscular COLT bodies flexing in the joy of being under the hot desert sun. Rigid manhood that creates a heat of its own in and around warm inviting pools of water. The perfect place to grow a MUSCLE UP!. MUSCLE UP! is the title of this collection of five steamy sexual encounters between nine men with the beautifully chiseled bodies of the classic COLT Man. The kind of men that turn heads on the street when they pass by wearing their everyday clothes. Who create stares when they're seen in bathing suits by a pool. And who cause eyes to pop out then they appear naked and with their MUSCLE UP!. Rutherford has brought together a team of unforgettable COLT masculine men from all over the globe to come together on American soil to do what they do best in front of his lenses. "It's the sexual American dream!" says Rutherford with a grin. America is the great melting pot. Guys from all over the world have always come to America to do what they can't do at home. In MUSCLE UP!. I've put together a great All American-style melting pot of the best men in the COLT Stable. The men melted together in the hot desert sun of Palm Springs, California in the best sense of the term! The location was the luxurious La Posada Resort, known to gay sun worshipers the world over. Now its pool and hot tub can truly be said to have been christened!
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