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    • s wrestle
    • Two s wrestle in one-piece body suits. They lose their suits during the wrestling and fight naked. They wank each other off at the end.
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    Posted: by donovanchris (2012-09-11 21:28)
    I've seen them in another vid: the younger one shoves an ass plug in his brother's anus then they suck each other and he cums on his brother's body. I've only seen them in those two vids. Are there other ones?
    Posted: by luvbods (2010-01-03 23:33)
    This video is HOT, albeit no direct sex. These two boys have great bodies and get nude about 10 minutes in. The stay hard the rest of the video (...and quite nicely, to, I might add). There is a ton of physical contact, include crotch, ball and ass grabbing and pulling. Pass if you are looking for actual sex but do watch if you like watching hot boys play roughly together.
    Posted: by dakotajag (2009-10-10 14:15)
    well really the title tells you what going on in the video! brothers wrestle is the title and that's what they are doing!!!! i thought the video was very well made and the guys are very handsome!
    Posted: by vandolf9 (2009-10-09 20:23)
    the tilte Two Brother was interested but the film it self was very boring they did not do anything sexual other than place each other man tool inside ofthe lips of the mouth !!! It did notlive up to the title!!!
    Posted: by angelheart21740 (2009-10-09 18:11)
    this video is fucking stupid

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