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    • Coach fucks jocks
    • Two horny jocks are persuaded to suck their coaches long hard throbbing cock and when they are finished they are finished the coach teaches them a lesyounger that they wont forget soon.
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    Posted: by Tallboy69 (2012-08-06 05:31)
    I was gay when at school,my coach never was like this one,I must have been oly gay at my school,as i never had anything like this,from this vid i fell in love with the fair headed young stud,great cock and a great cum load too,baby i want u to suck and fuck me.i also like the dark haired stud too,but fair haired has a better cock...Coach had a nice cock too.
    Posted: by gmh2012 (2012-08-03 13:16)
    the young guys have nice bodies and cocks
    Posted: by mikemcshane (2010-03-27 15:03)
    so hot....
    Posted: by disoriented1 (2010-03-02 07:17)
    my coaches were less than hot...but the industrial arts teacher who always worked out my gym old man by my standards..he was 25..but talk about fantasy..funny to think i considered him an old guy...
    Posted: by budude (2009-12-15 00:56)
    @BillyFrace - Pics or it didn't happen
    Posted: by fiopawn22 (2009-10-29 19:19)
    Does anyone know what porn this is to, I so want to own it now
    Posted: by BillyFrace (2009-07-02 20:35)
    I had a coach like this my senior year of high school we fucked every day after practice in the showers n most of the team fucked too loved the vid
    Posted: by forittoad (2009-07-02 02:24)
    Several coaches, I've had...and still j/off to. Damn, Coach Steve: way back, would have loved to- fantasy/joff to this day. Showers/locker rooms, and if I could be hard and showing- - - sweet.

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