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    • Perfect bodybuilder is a muscle bottom and his massive pecs man handled
    • Amazing to see such a huge bodybuilder bounce his studly muscle bulges riding on a non bodybuilders dick. There isn't a more muscular chest than this guy's, and to see the top feel every bit of those massive pecs and work them as good as they look - this is muscle humiliation heaven. That bodybuilder, after this, must have come every time he worked out his chest, and had constant erections from every bounce of his heavy pecs and shirts rubbing and stretching against bulges that stick out so far. All that cockiness from strutting around such big muscle, just to learn how another man can easily do what those muscles deserve. Turned out he was to big to survive when someone taught him what his own huge muscles can feel like!
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    Posted: by griffy13626 (2012-09-12 20:10)
    to bad this is not the full video scene, please upload it.
    Posted: by TexMike (2012-08-03 23:02)
    Tom shoots a nice load of hot cum after getting turned on by having his pecs man-handled by the guy who is fucking him at the same time.
    Posted: by BuckyL (2012-07-08 13:55)
    In every porn video I ever saw him in, Tom Leduc looked like he was having a miserable time. It's very hot to see his muscle tits pawed, prodded, and pinched in this scene from "School Daze".
    Posted: by TexMike (2012-06-17 00:37)
    Yeah, Kelly is right. This is Tom Leduc for sure. He was fucking hot in the early days of gay porn.
    Posted: by KellyD (2012-05-24 06:40)
    Yup, that's a young Tom Leduc, probably circa 1979 or so. He clearly is not into the guy he's with, as he struggles (with his eyes shut) to get hard, and then finally opens his eyes when he comes. Sorry RomaMuscle, but you're reading waaaaaay too much into this ancient clip. It was just a young guy doing what he had to do to earn some $$$. Or make that $.
    Posted: by whitetiger108 (2012-04-16 22:32)
    Yeah, I would love to see this in a clearer version and without all the stops & starts. Annoying for a really hot fuck videdo. So the bodybuilder is Tom Leduc? What a spectacular body!! And to be able to take the big dick of the top so well...
    Posted: by mike55.trois (2011-10-08 13:08)
    Who is the bodybuilder?
    Replied: by truckmuscle (2012-04-10 10:04)
    looks like Tom Leduc
    Posted: by muscpower (2011-07-07 08:25)
    fuck man i love muscles
    Posted: by n3ptune (2011-04-11 02:32)
    DAYUM, would i ever like to handle his pecs!!!
    Posted: by bossfo (2011-04-07 21:56)
    too bad the quality is not so good

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