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    • Gay Physical - Father and *S
    • A * and *s get a physical together and the * gets a little bold.
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    Posted: by nm4047 (2012-11-12 06:58)
    a 20yo could have a father anything from late 30s to 40 or 50. Maybe the 'Doctors'arm just got tired & 'daddy'just offered the helping hand(job)
    Posted: by slowhandted (2012-09-15 13:52)
    Love the concept
    Posted: by whalecove (2012-09-15 08:36)
    The son is a real hottie..but dad is okay as well...although dad's cock was a bit small. Dad was a grower not a shower. Dad had the best ass.
    Posted: by Tallboy69 (2012-09-12 03:18)
    I agree with daddysboyin,and agree with others as well...vid too slow for me not enough action,I did like young one best nice cock too...
    Posted: by physicalexamfetish (2012-09-02 00:18)
    The dad is definitely a DILF and the son aint too bad either. I don't want to look like that doctor but I am jealous that he got to finger them.
    Posted: by daddysboyinnc (2012-08-21 01:07)
    I like it, the (fake) dad and son are both very cute and fuckable. Ideally the dad should have been 50 something in order to have a son about that age. The dad in this one however is cute and has a ass I'd love to stick my tongue and dick inside. I'm probably in the minority opinion but I could have done without the jerk off scene. There are plenty of clips with that. For those of us with a physical exam fetish, nude exams and close ups of the genital and rectal exams are all we need.
    Replied: by physicalexamfetish (2012-09-02 00:29)
    I like how they both seem a little nervous even though they both agree to be examined together. That adds a certain level of erotica to this story.
    Posted: by tulsarider (2012-06-01 23:31)
    Hot, but not believable. No Dr. is going to examine father & son together.
    Posted: by daneilx (2012-05-12 21:41)
    omg?????i cant believe this?
    Posted: by manu40000 (2011-08-25 19:37)
    Thanks for posting, theQzone30.
    Posted: by caltao (2011-04-09 15:11)
    It's time for porn producers to get REAL biological dads and sons to perform nude together! Straight College Men broke that barrier last year, with a real dad & son jerking off together. Money talks. There are others out there willing enough to perform if the price is right. Stop insulting our intelligence with these fake dads who are at best only five years older than their supposed sons!!
    Replied: by chain2fate (2012-01-18 02:37)
    Replied: by circa1959 (2012-07-09 13:55)
    Replied: by daddysboyinnc (2012-08-30 23:02)
    Agreed. I love this video because the two guys are very cute but it would have been REALLY erotic if it had been a real dad and son. They wouldn't have had to jack each other and the "erection test" was pretty stupid and definitely unrealistic but just having a real life dad and son together naked getting examined would have been smokin hot!

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