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    • Girth Brooks and Conner Habib
    • Girth and Conner
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    Posted: by gregsamsa (2013-11-24 22:42)
    Connor is so adorable that I want to save him from this lifestyle. Of course, after GIRTH I'd be somewhat of a let-down.
    Posted: by megster (2013-07-16 00:58)
    i absolutely love girth I believe he has one of the best looking cocks around the shape and girth of it it is so nice to watch him fuck connor in this video and he is my ideal man his hairy chest and he also has a great ass and big balls- perfection
    Posted: by castoono (2013-06-09 22:35)
    Gay4pay is ok with me. I think is quite generous of Girth, and you have to pay the bills. I don't need him to be in love with his fuck-buddies. It's ridiculous. He's got the job wonderfully done. Enough
    Posted: by pennegrand10 (2012-09-03 18:46)
    Posted: by forocious (2012-06-03 13:13)
    i have no problems with him being gay for pay.. man, all porn is a fantasy, str8 or gay any hot guy can play the role. why are u so upset hes str8?
    Posted: by whitetiger108 (2012-04-03 01:57)
    Girth is gay4pay? Well, that's the last video I watch of his. Too many others to bother with someone who wants to use gay men for money. Now THAT's fucked.
    Posted: by forocious (2012-04-02 23:28)
    lol girth is also gay-for-pay.. he has a girlfriend and she was there for this scene!!! read conner habibs article on his blog about it
    Posted: by footy2020 (2011-03-18 09:42)
    YUP, fcking great hunk. massive tool fit fcker
    Posted: by neorich (2010-11-14 15:46)
    Brooks is my new favourite hunk in porn..can't believe I've never come across him, very sexy, naturally masculine and so amazingly hairy!

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